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Its name is Assyrian, that means the blessed land for being very rich in agriculture. It is a town with a bright past and a very bright future. We hope you enjoy your visit to Kfarnabrakh!

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Between the white Cedars mountains of Barouk and the shiny blue water of the Mediterranean Sea, lies Kfarnabrakh, a beautiful town situated in Chouf casa, in Mount Lebanon.

Kfarnabrakh is famous for its natural beauty and its great weather, crafted within beautiful rolling hills and agriculture land, overlook green canyons and surrounded by oak, olive, fruit and grapes fields. Because of its central location among surrounding villages and because of its commercial and educational prosperity, this town is considered one of the active town in the mountain area.

Kfarnabrakh is 1,150 meters above the sea level, located at 45 km south-east of Beirut, the capital and it is only 30 km away from the Mediterranean seacoast.

It spreads over several kilometers of land. Its boundaries are:

West bound:  Kfarnabrakh - Alfouwarah - Wadi Elsit.
East bound:   Kfarnabrakh - Ain Wazein.
North bound: Kfarnabrakh - Batloun - Barouk.
South bound: Kfarnabrakh - Maaser Beit Eddine - Deir Al Qamar.

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Kfarnabrakh's population amounts to around 12,000 persons according to the civil state registers. It is usually full with residents during summer but a few stay during the winter. The immigration started since the last decade of the 19th century in direction of South America, it continues until our days toward all corners of the world USA, Australia, Europe etc... So there are hundreds more spread out around the world. The town enjoys an active community with its energetic municipality, dynamic Church association and its elementary schools. Kfarnabrakh's youth meet at its social club which involves them in different social and artistic activities.

In the past, Kfarnabrakh used to be a center of attraction for the people who desired a stability based upon agriculture. Nowadays Kfarnabrakh is proud to provide various services for its inhibitants as well as for the inhabitants of the whole region. Because of its hotel, restaurant, supermarket, home goods stores, auto repairs, fashion shops, gas stations, and other stores, these inhabitants don't have to go to the surrounding towns for shopping every time they want to fulfill their needs.

The town can take pride in its history, but must work hard to maintain its small town feel and charm in the midst of this rapid growth.

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Kfarnabrakh's citizens are famous for their love for education wherever they are. Since the 19th century, you'll find the Doctor, the Lawyer, the Engineer, the Teacher as well as professionals in a variety of fields and a big number of college graduates. Today, this number has greatly increased which positively improved the standard of living and the modernization of the community.

Kfarnabrakh's residents are also known for their fondness to their village and roots. Wherever they live or work, the majority returns regularly for visits and builds attractive houses and villas around town. While many changes have taken place in the intervening years, most of the pleasant village aspects of the town remain as new housing is constructed to accommodate the needs and lifestyles of today's residents.

The purpose of this site is to serve as a conjunction for Kfarnabrakhians around the world to bring them closer together and to their beloved town, and to share news, pictures and ideas. It also presents the charm of Kfarnabrakh, its people and their aspects of life to the whole world.



Kfarnabrakh main resource is agricultural products. Its fertile soil allows farmers to grow a variety of fruit trees such as apples, peaches, pears, figs, plums, grapes, nuts, cherries, olives and all kind of vegetables to mention just a few onions, garlics, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, zucchinis, eggplants etc... So Kfarnabrakhians enabled the town to grow into a thriving agricultural community specializing in fruits and vegetables production.

Nabeh El Barouk supplies drinking water to Kfarnabrakh as well as to the majority of villages and towns in Mount Lebanon.

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The town's location contribute to a mild climate, with only rare extremes of temperature. Kfarnabrakh enjoys four season weather. Being located with elevation that rises from 950 to 1,150 meters above sea level leads to a moderate comfortable dry summers which attract people from the humid coastal cities during summer times. Its beautiful spring runs from April through June and starting October the weather begins to cool down where during the winter, the weather is cold and humid with occasional heavy snow.


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